Access to clean water is a right that none of us should be forced to forego. Despite an abundant endowment Pakistan is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. Around 16 million people in Pakistan and trillions more around the world do not have access to clean water, with countless being forced to drink unsafe water, die thirsty or suffer water borne diseases.

Clean water has the power to change lives. It is the road to building a better future with fewer water resulting diseases, healthier communities and richer lives in terms of quality. Saylani Welfare International Trust launched its ‘Saaf Pani Project’ to ensure effective, sustainable, and easily accessible supply of safe drinking water to the marginalized communities. Our aim is that no person should live without access to this most basic human need. This is achieved by drilling water-wells, installing RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants, and installing water chillers in deserving areas.

So far over 25 RO plants have been installed, about 100 water wells have been dug and approximately 1,000 water chillers have been installed by Saylani throughout Pakistan. Our aim is to install 100 new RO plants across the nation.

We have also signed MOU with Sindh Rangers, Sindh Police, Mayor Karachi and Commissioner Karachi for association in installation of RO plants.